The Homeschool Dance

I was recently on a homeschool facebook group and there was a poor momma expressing her frustrations with things not going according to plan for the summer.

She had apparently laid out certain things that she wanted to get done, extra math, reading etc. Unfortunately life wasn’t allowing her to accomplish any of these things.

I sympathised greatly.

This was me about 3 years ago. We were wrapping up our first official year of Kindergarten and all I could think about was how I would go about teaching all three of them the following year?!

I agonized over the impending “doom”.

Flash forward a few years (and babies) later and I have come to realize this. Homeschooling is this amazing dance. We can either force it to move in the direction we want it to. Or we can allow it to lead wherever it decides to take us.

I know that sounds scary. You might even be thinking, “No one would ever learn anything like this!”

Rest assured, we are learning and we are learning A TON! Sometimes I forget it is actually school.

715 GHB post 2.jpg

We have experienced life. We have experienced what schooling is like in the morning. We know how to have a productive school day in the evening. We know what it’s like with a newborn, 2 toddlers and 3 big kids. It was hard the day my husband lost his job. We struggled as he attempted to start his own business.

All the while however, we have danced.

Some days were joyful. Other days were filled with sorrow. But with every passing day we have continued moving forward.

We aren’t the perfect, model homeschool family. We do want to encourage others, especially those who are in the beginning of their journey to press forward even when life gives a quick spin and dip!

I don’t think there is any homeschooling family out there that has everything totally figured out with each day going off without a hitch.

715 GHB post 3.jpg

Always remember this…

Life is ever changing. There isn’t a day that goes by that is exactly like another. We are people who are prone to change our minds from day to day.

While I am 100% for creating a schedule to act as a roadmap. I am also for making pit stops here and there to pick a few flowers and dance in the rain.



One thought on “The Homeschool Dance

  1. So well written. I so agree with what you have written. I love schedules but I love freedom to be creative and have fun. Our children are learning all the time. That is the great thing about homeschooling is that if a child is sick we are able to slow down, take care of our child, and know that we will have time to tech them what they have missed.


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