Creating CHEAP Magnetic Alphabet Letters

Are you looking for something fun, and cheap to help teach little ones their letters?

Recently while on a shopping trip to Walmart I discovered in the kitchen section a pack of magnetic alphabet letters. They were cheaper than the ones you would find in the craft section. The only “issue” I had was they weren’t as cute.


My trusty spray paint stash!

I went into my supply cabinet and pulled out two colors. One for consonants and the other for vowels.


713 GHB post 1.jpg


I wanted to  have contrasting colors so we could easily distinguish them while doing letter practice and building words.

Bright green and blue were the ones I went with.

After thoroughly spraying them so as to ensure full coverage in all of the nooks and crannies…what we had at the end was perfect!

713 GHB post 2713 GHB post 3713 GHB post 4713 GHB post 5


Once they were totally dry (about an hour) I took my Modge-Podge sealer and sprayed a thin coat over them. I allowed them to dry for another hour.


713 GHB post 6.jpg


Then I wiped them down and placed them on our magnetic board!


713 GHB post 7.jpg


Little man was excited when I told him this was his board. I plan to make an oversized magnetic board for the girls room and then another for the boys room!

I’m looking forward to the play/practice time that will come.


713 GHB post 8.jpg






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