A House Full of Littles and Bigs



Most days our house is pretty chaotic.

Sure I’d love for the children to come joyfully out of their bedrooms and glide their way to the dining room table and beam with delight at one another.


Yah, that’s not the reality at our house.

We have 6 kids. 8 years old and under. There is always something happening around here. I have good days and bad days. Days where I approach the challenge with vigor. Then there are other days where I feel defeated and fight thoughts of…

“What’s the point?”

One thing I will say for sure is homeschooling our growing crew is always full of surprises.

There’s not a day that goes by where I haven’t learned something in our lessons. In so many ways I am getting an education.

That might sound odd but it is so true.

We are finishing up our 3rd official homeschool year in December of this year (2016) and then we will start our 4th year in January (2017)

***we school year round and begin and end our school years with the calendar year.

We’ve done really well on certain schedules and then there are times where life happens and we have to make an adjustment here or there.

One thing I’ve learned over and over is the need to be flexible. If I am set on maintaining an “exactly the same homeschool day” everyday…I would go crazy!

Here’s the reason why.

As a family we function like one large living organism. So if Daddy all of a sudden is off work early, we might stop school early. Or if there’s a subject the kids are enjoying and they want to do another lesson then we do that instead of moving on to something else.

When grandma comes from out-of-state, we take off for the time that she is there.

We allow life to happen as we ebb and flow throughout each day.

This fact is one reason we decided upon year-round schooling. We knew it would allow for us to be more flexible.

When our 6th baby was born in January 2016, we all of a sudden had a new journey ahead of us.

He was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate.

This has brought in significant changes to our family structure and life. He has speech therapy in our home once a month, monthly out-of-town doctor visits, surgeries and more.

I think we do ourselves and our children an injustice when we attempt to be hard and rigorous in our homeschool schedules.

No matter which way you twist it…one size does not fit all.

At some point we will enter into the high school and college years. I know that our family organism will change again in another big way.

More than anything I want to encourage you with this…

Become a generation homeschooler by changing the way, structure and schedule for learning one generation at a time.

~ Jerica


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